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August 31, 2010



August 9, 2010

the more immigration is brought to attention (as per the Arizona debate,) the more i am intrigued by the SD/TJ border zone as an opportune area to study architecture on multiple levels… ecology, economy, social

involved demographics: mexican TJ residents, mexican US residents, mexican US workers/students, american SD residents, american TJ land owners

affected: ppl, land, law (national, international)

designer interest: urban, landscape, infrastructure = architecture. there should be no separation between the 3. all not only feed on each other but their resolution must be derived from an intertwined map of all their effects.  “Blurring the boundaries between urbanism, architecture, landscape, and infrastructure…Making architecture that is conceived as infrastructure and is intended to create community, both of which consider density as a way of inserting complexity into the one dimensionality of institutions and practice, closing the gap between artistic experimentation and social responsibility.” – Teddy Cruz

larger scope: border activity influences immigrants throughout US


August 9, 2010

water = food = [natural element] = permanence & movement = ecology = continuous growth = evolution

need urban sustinance to remain active. vital element to an border zone. constant nutrition for urban environment & users.

where does this come from? – economy? institution? infrastructure? landscape?

Urban Transformations

August 9, 2010

AECOM UrbanSOS Competition 2010


it took a long time for me to discover an appropriate idea to resolve the issues in the area. as the (short) project developed i realized that i needed more development in the details of the idea. materials, plantings, auxiliary structures, enclosures etc all needed to be implemented in order to judge the longevity of the project. in the end, the competition became more of a research for me than an aid in solutions.

Competiton pdf: AECOM