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charette (reminder)

January 28, 2011


elimination of hiearchy

January 27, 2011

Does equality mean homogenization?

freedom = generic?

= formlessness?

On the Hyper Architecture of Memex and New Babylon | mercurious.

beware of borderlessness… 


unthreatened vs. unilateral

January 26, 2011

This week was the first Thesis committee meeting, and I also met with Alan Rosenblum to discuss my thesis. A few items arose within those meetings worth mentioning.

Firstly, the most important aspect of introducing this thesis are its premises. Although a thesis calls for mastery of a subject, it is more so to become aware of all issues than to address them all. It is critical that my audience initially understands the basis for the project and the eyes with which I am coming from. A list of basic premises is needed.

1. borders produce a dichotomized spatiality

2. the existing contrastive is in architectonic languages

3. a disjunction occupies a position at both sides of the boundary

4. the liminality itself can become space

5. the interstitial zone will form its own language

6. the liminal condition is independent

7. a threshold can be autonomous

although these statements seems to disregard the existing, they address it by suggesting a new. again, self governing system. it conceives of its own ecology/economy/morphology/demographic…

(this project itself will also be measured within the parameters of its own perception)

this conception of an autonomy assumes a unilateral understanding of its novelty (and not necessarily an unthreatening one): it provides for an equal basis but it is one that isn’t necessarily accommodating.

no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution

January 15, 2011

“a new path forward for security technology” along the border that is tailored to the needs of each region and provides “faster deployment of technology, better coverage, and a more effective balance between cost and capability,”

“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to meet our border technology needs”

the sheer size and variations of our borders show us a one-stop solution has never been best

“unprecedented” manpower, infrastructure and resources along the border will complement her new border security plan.

via Homeland Security chief cancels costly virtual border fence –

the Border Patrol’s nationwide apprehensions of undocumented immigrants decreased from nearly 724,000 in 2008 to about 463,000 in 2010, a 36 percent reduction, indicating that fewer people are attempting to illegally cross the border, a homeland security report said.

exchange & specialization

January 12, 2011

Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex | Video on

el Paso Fronterizo Pino Hachado

January 12, 2011


Retorno Araucano / gt2P | Plataforma Arquitectura.

Maybe that’s what a city is: confrontation and complication

January 11, 2011

Greatest New York Ever – What Is the Greatest Building in New York? — New York Magazine.

Like other kinds of art, great buildings contradict everything else. They make us think. They start conversations, so people talk about what it means to fit in, what it means to have courage. It’s okay for some buildings not to work.


Buildings should be “good citizens”. When buildings instead present confrontation and an assault on the neighborhood (new Cooper Union building, New Museum, etc), this only encourages individuals to take on a similar stance. Architecture should encourage harmony, not conflict.

An assertion of edge and boundary

January 6, 2011



BLDGBLOG: An assertion of edge and boundary.

drawing as discovery. explorations in lines.