PE3 | At the edges

June 9, 2011

From the start, we faced the machinery of a state apparatus controlling the movement of people.  Event organizers negotiated with both U.S. Border Patrol and Mexican border authorities for over six months to obtain permission to cross at the informal site of Goat Canyon, yet the status of the permissions kept changing all morning, and changed again just minutes before our  crossing–scheduled for 12:30 PM.

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Interview with Eyal Weizman

June 9, 2011

The illusion of our time is that violence and its chaos can be brought under the discipline of an economy of calculations.

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We Need a Fence

June 7, 2011

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“let freedom ring” = we need a fence

…? how much more hypocritical can you get


June 5, 2011






USD: KSPS: TBI: TBI Mapping Project.

Architect envisions border wall as good neighbor | At the edges

June 5, 2011

Architect envisions border wall as good neighbor | At the edges.

Among the highlights:
· Using the massive steel structure of some sections of the wall, water is heated and distributed to clinics, hospitals and schools. A water collection system also provides a drink for wildlife, immigrants and others stranded in the desert, while simultaneously triggering alarms to notify border patrol officers of medical emergencies and illegal crossings.
· An elaborate wastewater treatment plant along the New River that flows from Mexicali into Calexico cleans toxic materials in one of the United States’ most polluted rivers.
· A “burrito wall” features a food cart inserted into the wall, allowing people from each side of the border to share a meal, chat and conduct business, all within full view of security.
· A lending library or confessional straddles the borderline, keeping a barrier in place while supporting learning and spiritual health for residents on either side.
· A system of water catchment basins and rainwater collection shed roofs along the wall beside the Rio Grande River further discourage border crossing while guarding against devastating and costly city flooding.


June 2, 2011


What does the Political Equator mean to you?

Politicizing the equator, or Equating the political…? something to note: we think of the equator as an object, but also in defining the conception, is the concept of the word equate. a goal is partially to equate the juxtaposed states along the border. not equate in terms of weight, but equate in terms of consideration. an equal consideration of the politic of both sides…

Territory straddling the intersection of US and CA borders

April 18, 2011

Although divided by an international border, the residents consider themselves to be one community

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Massena: Three Nations crossing

April 18, 2011

FYI Politics:

U.S. Government Accountability Office released a report warning that the terrorist threat from Canada was higher than from Mexico because of the vast swaths of unprotected frontier.

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Urban Growth for the New Millenium – Parag Khanna on Cities | The Ideas Economy

March 9, 2011

The age of nations is over. The new urban age has begun.

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history… his story

March 9, 2011

as a response to israel/palestine debate, after being given a recap of one line of historical events:

who cares about a place historically ‘belonging’ to a people. places are defined by the constantly shifting actions that take place in them and not by a singular line of events. they always are reestablished into a new equilibrium and that is what makes them resilient. if [israel] has any concern for keeping up with/being part of any progressive democratic system it has to recognize its current situation in terms of TODAY’S resultant and not the what ‘should’ be. Imagining what could be is an argument grounded in the present, as the present always takes history into account (the present is only generated through its history.)… so not that i dont care about history, but i dont care about any line of events predicting what ‘should’ be; the current state already embodies whatever needs to be present.